Rental Benefit

Forklift Rental Concept

Most of the company wish to own the equipment. Definitely there is lot of benefic.

But what about the risk?

  • What happen if requirement change?
  • What can you do with your limited capital?
  • What about the peak in your business pattern?
  • What about to keep all equipment running?
  • What happen if breakdown?
  • What about if you can know your cost in advance?

Forklift Rental Benefit

  • Know your Fix cost in advance.
  • Improve your cash flow.
  • No capital outlay.
  • Off balance sheet.
  • Alternative financing option.
  • Hassle free for servicing and maintenance.
  • Well recondition equipment at start.
  • No disposal of equipment at the end of term.
  • Truck replacement if high downtime.
  • Flexible to change and easy to manage.

Our Forklift Rental Service:-

  • We offer brand NEW or Recondition Equipment.

  • Our Technician will perform will following duties at our cost:-

    • Regular service and repair.
    • Preventive maintenance.
    • Inspection of major components.
    • Maintain proper records for reference and inspection.
  • We provide 1 set of tyre/wheel per truck.

  • Standby unit on side if require.

  • 24 hours On-Call standby service after work / weekend / public holiday.

  • Guaranty replacement of truck if high downtime.

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